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Antideluvian Enigmas

After centuries of denying Atlantis as nothing more than a quaint myth some more enlightened historians are now reconsidering their stance after a chance discovery on a European seabed. During January 20015 an astounding underwater find was made which led to a new...

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Secret Himalayas

The Himalayas are a place of enduring mystery which even now have not fully given up their secrets. Discover evidence of ancient atomic warfare, levitation, telepathic lamas who hold the key to other dimensions, Sufi mystics, envoys from Shambhala, and more.

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Classified USA

Explore the stitch ups, cover ups and conspiracies of the U.S.A. a rich vein of counter culture. Whether one views them a fake news or modern folklore some of the later revelations by politicians, sealed government documents and uncovered testimonies sometimes take us...

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