Basque (People of Atlantis?)

The Basque Region is today found inside two countries France and Spain separated by the Pyrenees mountains and bordered to the West by the Bay of Biscay in the Atlantic Ocean. It is like other places mentioned in the book such as Pashtun tribe lands currently divided...

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Tesla- Free Energy

Nikolai Tesla had a different understanding of the Earth’s plates than most, he saw them as huge electrical capacitors (also known as condensers) with the ionsphere forming the other plate. A capacitor or condenser put simply is a device that stores an electrical...

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Antideluvian Enigmas

After centuries of denying Atlantis as nothing more than a quaint myth some more enlightened historians are now reconsidering their stance after a chance discovery on a European seabed. During January 20015 an astounding underwater find was made which led to a new...

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