Tesla- Free Energy


Nikolai Tesla had a different understanding of the Earth’s plates than most, he saw them as huge electrical capacitors (also known as condensers) with the ionsphere forming the other plate. A capacitor or condenser put simply is a device that stores an electrical charge while giving off its own an electrical field. Usually this  consists of two equally charged plates, one positive and the other negative separated by a dielectric which in laymen’s terms is a non conducting element such as glass, mica etc that insulates the charge. Using this theory he constructed the famous Wardenclyffe Tower which was directly based on observations Tesla had made in books about the pyramid structure and design. His newly constructed tower was founded in Long Island, New York in 1901. It has been the siting of the Wardenclyffe tower in relation to the equator was a precise factor in its drawing of the wireless electrical forces, which according to some Tesla knew of the pyramids locality. Whoever had built the pyramids had sited it in a place where it could draw electrical power so thought Tesla and he was prepared to demonstrate this to the world.

Tesla had planned to demonstrate through his masterpiece Wardenclyffe methods of communication that might seem familiar to us now but back then were sci-fi dreams. Essentially he intended to transmit messages wirelessly dispensing with any form of physical conduit giving him the ability to beam  facsimile images across the globe on the signals generated by the tower. This of course was just a side show to the real potential of his invention. His ambitious project was really dedicated to injecting energy into the Earth to stimulate the inherent electrical charge locked inside the Earth (as a capacitor) and boosting its signal strength to ultimately harnessing it at other portals around the globe. In order to achieve this he would charge the upper ionsphere (the other capacitor). A simple system all based of course on his observations of the siting of the pyramids and their innate design. Do remember of course the pyramids we see today are bereft of their bright white outer limestone layer (dielectrical insulating cover). Tesla knew too that electrical charges were directed upwards once collected using the pyramid shape thereby increasing their power which is why the builders reputedly capped the original pyramid with a gold capstone (an efficient electrical conductor). Tesla even fancied he knew how much energy the Great Pyramid generated!

It is little wonder JP Morgan and other financiers had little appetite for what was a free sustainable energy source not reliant on fossil fuels, mines, metallic cables, generating stations etc. Who could make money from electricity with the Wardenclyffe? Then of course there was endless embarrassing questions for Eyptologists in such a scenario. Whoever built the pyramids must have been more advanced technologically by far than even Tesla. Wardenclyffe had to go and it did. All of the multi national magnates financing Tesla soon got wind of the his free energy principles. Subsequently finances stalled, workers were laid off later seeing a full demolition of the site  in 1917 with the tower being sold for scrap metal. No more talk of free energy and pyramids

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